I dont know what to do, I’m still waiting for a package from March that was recent in May. Neither have arrived but the resend was supposed to have something else in it too. Now it’s September-ish and I won’t even be at the same address after this Saturday and I feel really bad because they already sent it twice.

:( I just want to decorate my apartment.
And to know what was added to the second box.

I also had two commissions ordered but I already know those are delayed, so that’s fine. I just hate not knowing what happened to the mail.

Where did they end up. Does someone out there have two boxes meant for me, do they know what the surprise was? Did they keep it? I NEED TO KNOW .~.

I know there are other things going on so I don’t want to ask about it anymore, and I don’t want it resent, I’d rather just pick it up, but how do you ask when people are so busy?
meekobits look he’s so cute!

meekobits look he’s so cute!

I got a glow in the dark groot funpop exclusive from loot crate ahhh! pic to follow

So excited for disgaea 5!

So excited for disgaea 5!

im sorry

Apologies accepted. :D

More art coming soon. Because I just looked through my blog and I was much happier when I was drawing. Coorelation? Doesn’t matter drawing anyway since everything else is packed. Oops hahahah

I love following your blog! I show my friend all your entries and we can't help but laugh! I hope you keep making is feel better(sorry bout the left hand,I didn't know you were a righty)

Glad my life could be amusing for you.

To the anon who told me to “Stop bitching about my left hand”

A: unfollow me.
B: blocked
C: I don’t understand that reference tbh

But I can infer from my only posts this week you don’t give a shit about me. So why the fuck are you even following me.

Everyone else have a great day.

And for full disclosure. I don’t consider myself a nice guy, sometimes I’m not even a good person. But I’d like to think that I’m still worth someone’s time. No matter what they think of me.

But at this point I don’t even get a single text message a month from anyone who I didn’t text first. If I even get a single text back. Thanks for listening. Carl out.

The “best friends” I get to chose from, include a guy who left to convert Jews to mormanism and never talks to me. Or a guy who’s idea of hanging out is going into my garage to spray paint models (by himself), except usually he’s too busy dealing with “betrayals and drama” to say hi.

I worked my ass off for YEARS to get over a mental disability and be able to have meaningful and normal conversation and somehow…it’s just not working and I’m alone.

So yeah. I want a girlfriend. I want someone who wants to be with me. I want someone who wants me. I don’t want to be alone.

It’s been a year. I don’t have real friends. I’m depressed. You can all judge me off you want, at least your thinking about me it’s an improvement.